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blaks 05-23-2019 11:57 AM

Strange Noise
So, I have had this thing for about 6 months and have noticed a strange noise since purchase. It seems to be coming from the front... Radiator maybe? Anyhow, it sounds like a drop of water on a hot skillet being fried, or perhaps a short burst of air coming from a tire valve. It seems noticeable at about 5K RPM when it is not accelerating or decelerating. and happens about every 3 to 5 seconds when maintaining a constant rpm.

I have no idea if this is normal. I checked for radiator leaks and oil leaks, but nothing. Everything seems to be in order so i am not sure if I should even be concerned. Has anyone else experienced this with the 2018 multi 950? I should add that it is not terribly loud.

motoman 05-25-2019 09:56 AM

Interesting. I probably wouldn't be able to hear it on mine since I'm always blasting out of corners... Has the initial break-in been performed ? If you can consistently repeat it, I would drive by the dealership and ask the mechanic to listen and see what's going on. It may be something as simple as the charcoal canister hose being loose. Let us know!

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