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Mileage out of stock tires/replacements

What kind of mileage are people getting out of the stock tires?

Any thoughts on alternate replacements? I put Michelin Pilot Road 4s on my last ride (Yamaha XSR900) after being disappointed with the longevity of the stock tires. Love them.

They make a Michelin Pilot trail 4 in our sizes (appears identical to the road tire). I might give that a try if the stock tires don’t wear well.
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I've only done 3000 miles but the back is squaring off a quite a bit, the front has hardly any wear. I figure I will be lucky to get 2000 more out of the rear. I was also very happy with the Pilot 4's on another bike but will probably burn through one more rear Pirelli Trail II before I change over to a new set of rubber. Michelin has come out or is coming out with a Road 5 Trail version in our size so will probably try that since my off roading will only be on some dirt roads.
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Hi guys
tire wear depends of lot of variables, riding style, weather, number of miles per trip, type of road, this are the most common.

my tires scorpion tire 2 (stock tires) last 15.000kms in the rear tire, then I changed for Pilot road 5 in the front and the pilot power 2CT at the rear, the pilot power made only 10.000km (as expected), for the Pilot R 5 trail in the front it last 18.000kms, the Pilot R 5 in the rear has 10.000kms and its is possible to do more 5 to 6.000kms. but performe better on lean angles

normaly my usual rides has 50kms to 100kms, running in cold and warm weather (7 to 33), on twisty roads.

if you ride on open
roads more than 100kms to 200kms with hot days at speeds more that 130-140kmh its possible to trash a tire in 6 to 7.000kms - in that case you have to consider use the pilot road 5 GT ( the GT stands for heavy bikes)

Ride safe, but always with a smile
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