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Multistrada 950 or Desert Sled

I am currently a Ducati Scrambler Icon owner. Icon is being sold...and I am in the dilemma between the Multi 950 and the Desert Sled.

I am 5' 7". My inseam is 30.3. I weigh 165 with gear on. I am not strong in the arms. I won't have the chance to test ride the Multi950 only the DS. I think the Multi950 is more versatile but I fear that the Multi950 will be hard to lift the stand when parked on uneven ground or on inclined tarmac. Generally in urban environment and everyday use the Multi950 will feel tougher to handle than the Desert Sled. I won't have a second bike. One for all trades. Everyday commute a bit of off-road a bit of highway riding what's gonna be? Multi950 or DS?
I sold the Icon 'cause it was a harsh over bumps on higher speeds (b roads or a roads) and too cramped on longer dustances stretches. My previous bikes before the Ducati Scrambler Icon were BMW G650gs and BMW F650gs (800cc).
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Being this is a MS950 forum I'd be surprised if anyone DIDN'T recommend the Multi. LOL I'm 63 years old, 5'7" and 230lbs; not much problem moving the Multi around or lifting it off the side stand (I installed a center stand too). I have found the 950 to be a good all round bike. The suspension is very adjustable and soaks up bumps very easily. I use it for a commuter, have taken it off pavement, and added aluminum bags for a trip from Nevada to the Yukon. Haven't made that trip yet, but departing soon. I've seen the DS and it looks very appealing, but any long distance type riding would obviously favor the Multi. I don't know what stuff is available for the DS; I would be lost without some type of side case or at least a top case. Prior to putting your hard earned money on the table I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you test ride the multi, even if it's just down the road and back from the dealer. Good luck with your decision; either bike will be a hoot!!

Work sucks; lets ride!

'17 Multi 950
'14 Ultra Classic HD
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Thank you for your input. Both are expensive motorbikes so test ride should be mandatory.
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Basically two completely different bikes, you will most likely feel more at home on the DS but the MS is definetly the better allrounder and is just on another plane of existance.
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Thank you. I hope I have the chance to ride them both before committing to one or the other. I think if I did not fear handling the Multi950 while standing etc I think I would have gone to the Multi950. I am more prone to on-off all arounder motorbikes since I have one bike for all uses. I think the Multi950 fits that purpose more unless you wont travel so the Desert Sled is better suited.
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But I think I will offer another chance to the Born free saga...
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The Multi goes further in comfort and performance then the sled. But you can do hard off road with the sled. The 950 multi will be light offroading because of the ground clearance. The Multi can do it dam well, you would be surprised, and the engines speaks in sound so good. But the its a big jump in price.
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I own a 950s (2019) and used to have a DS too. The DS imho is the only "proper" scrambler. The others are hipster bikes, BUT i ultimately ended up selling my DS because a) it gets unbearably hot, and daily riding in heat (even in Seattle heat) burned my inside leg like **** and b) the bike doesn't tour well..... (small tank, little wind protection etc. I think the 950s is the goldilocks of Multi's. i love it, and i've owned 5 Multi's over the last 15 years! :-)
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