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ALT rider skid plate

OK, ive got a few miles with this thing.

I am on the fence with it. I've done about 100 miles of gravel with it, and about 5000 on the street.

Long story short, its long and short. Sorry, I couldn't help myself

Its long enough to protect the exhaust unlike others, but shortens the distance between the bike and road.

I've heard some pretty big things smack it, so, for that I am grateful for the purchase, but the bike has bottomed out a number of times as a result of having it on. Just as a point of reference, I'm about 200 lbs, I brought my 100 lb pillion out for a slow neighborhood ride, and it hit on a speed bump even with the suspension fully adjusted to its stiff setting.

I've even managed to hit the thing on the road when traveling fast through somewhat rough roads and the suspension fully stiffened.

My biggest concern with it is where it mounts to the engine. I'm afraid that if I bottom out hard, it could damage the engine where it attaches, although I have bottomed out hard and everything is holding up fine.

I know there is a "That's what she said" joke in here somewhere, but I will refrain.

I cant find any better options. I probably should have just purchased the enduro kit, but since I have the ALT rider crash bars, that would mean changing everything.

I friend suggested I shorten it by modifying the supports. I am not sure about that though.

I am tempted to go back to the stock plate... until I hear another rock crash against it.
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