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I love the ride. I love the ride two up. But more than any thing its ability to be so versatile. I want to tear it up, no problem, want to tour excellent and two up excellent, bad roads no problem ride quality is great on poor managed roads. Comfort for me is near perfect, the bike makes me want to ride it more then any other bike. This bike is a relationship that keeps giving. Trail riding I have not done yet but purchased this bike with that in mind. I am taking an off road course when the weather warms up. I bought this bike with the idea of exploring trail riding, knowing that 95% of my riding will more then likely be on road. But I want to expand my ability on a motorcycle and feel the 950 allows me to beat the **** out of it and not feel bad, where as had I purchased the 1200 / 1260 I would probably not venture off road.
The sound of the engine gets in your head or in your helmet, and you cant get it out, it calls you, come play with me. Love it.

When I saw this set up I was convinced the 950 is right choice for me. I could have the best of what I feel I want,
sport, tour, adventure, without sacrificing or buying into the BMW. BMW's are the best at what they do > but they are not Ducati's. KTM's are bad ass but I have not grown found of the new look, you know once you marry them you have to look at them every day. I am more performance oriented then rock crawling rider, anyway.

Con it heats up a bit in traffic on a 85 -or above degree day, only hot when standing still on it in stopped traffic.

Enjoy the ride

The bike in this picture was taken at the NYC motorcycle show.
Set up as pictured below and you can do off road real good.
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