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Thnx Mario

- Changing the shifter to a lower neutral position is indeed a good solution! Good to hear that shifting will improve by time.

- I fueled up the gastank and have the following calculation to share:
1. 176,5 km / 9,6 Liter = 1L : 18,38 km
2. 212,5 km / 11,74 Liter = 1L : 18,1km
3. 329 km / 17,09 Liter = 1L : 19,28km

It was more touring in the end (nr.3), i expect 1L: 16~17 when i hit the Alps ^^

- At the dealer they suggested to first try out to turn in the springs before i changing the dampers. With wrench nr.14 i managed to turn in the springs and left it by +1 mark. It fits better then the factory setting. I guess it narrows the 170 travel, i will test this for a while.
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