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Originally Posted by HadieHuib View Post
Hi there,
As for now, i own since saturday a Star White Silk 950, HOORAY!!
Awaits a few more Packages due to delivery, i am still adapting to this new ride experience.
So let me share some experiences what i have noticed in my first rides.

- As mentioned above by others, it's fun to drive this bike. The traction is incredible! (Pre-owned a Fazer 600 with 60NM/95HP)

- Topcase+Buddy seat: My GF confirms that this combination gives good Comfort.

- The horn sounds great
- ...


- Major: Gear, as mentioned in other thread, i up-shifted in neutral between 5th and 6th / It seems also that then i want to shift back to the 1st, my gearbox would not let me, for this i need to
enroll the gearbox a bit. For me, be ready before you stand still and shift back earlier.
From 5th to 6th gear take's a longer travel then the rest, I adjusted the shifter to a lower neutral position, no more mis shifting anymore.
All in all the transmission get's a lot smoother/better over time.

Originally Posted by HadieHuib View Post
- Major: Windscreen: Lot of turbulence (1.92/6.2ft), i refer to the windshield topic (1402-original-windshield-rattling-buffeting-wind-noise)

- Major: Buddy Seat.. Locking the buddy seat could be smoother IMO, i saw on the Demo model the Rubber Seal was totally rubbed out of the edge.
With this experience in my mind, i hold an eye on the SEAL and try not to fill up the space to much. Iwill get more experienced in time i guess.

- Major: Fuel Consumption, As i drove a old MTS 2006, i remember the Fuel-Gage was horrible... Today, with 15 km's left to drive i decided to fill up my tanks... the amout till the cap was 16.7 Liter O_o that's 3.3 Liter deviation IMO. As i got the tank filled up, i drove 247 km / 16.7 Liter = 14.8L/100km O_o
Assume with this calculation and the dealer has filled the tank till the cap, the MTS is thirsty ^^ Can anyone confirm this Fuel Consumption / Deviation? (I will put this question in the Engine Discussion Thread)
You made a miscalculation, 16,7 liter over 247 km is 6,8L/100km - 1L/14,7km

Originally Posted by HadieHuib View Post
- Minor: Side stand, when i pull this in, it seems the spring could be a bit stiffer, it closes not solid IMO, it sounds like it claps a few times(awaits for the center stand).
- Minor: TopCase: The topcase that comes with the Urban Package is fine, a perfect fit. But the rain cover is so tight, it needs a lot of force to pull it over, and even then it it does not fit perfectly

- Minor Suspension For Solo-riding, the suspension could be a bit stiffer IMO, as i also have read this in testreviews. I fitted progressive springs into my Fazer which give me more handling in corners and braking. For duo, the standard it's very smooth and no complains for that further. When i ride solo it is something to look into to adjust the springs. Has anyone experience / good tutorial for this part how to setup your frontspring?

- ... (for future use ^^)
4 click's clockwise on the front damping (left shock) and some turns in on the rear preload did it for me, but don't expect a stiff front on the brake's with 170mm travel
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