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What’s On Your Multistrada 950 Road Trip Checklist?

Picture courtesy of Ultimate Motorcycling.

It pays to be prepared, more so when you’re going to embark on a long-distance road trip atop a Multistrada 950. For some, the first trip can be daunting during the packing phase, especially when space comes at a premium. At times like these, a checklist from veteran riders could prove to be priceless.

RideApart, a well known motorcycle publication, has released a short list of nine things you need to take on a motorcycle trip. Though the guide itself may be old, the essentials are still relevant to his day.

When travelling with a friend or with the help of a GPS, it helps to have a bluetooth headset for communication purposes and it’s just safer to have directions verbalized compared to constantly looking down at a map. Of course that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pack a physical map. Speaking of ear related gadgetry, an oldie but a goodie is a set of ear plugs, something to block out loud wind noises because you don’t need to lose your hearing after a long road trip.

Not every road will be perfectly kept, so a can of fix-a-flat may be a good item to have, as is a tool kit. When the time comes, you’ll be thankful for that wretch or screwdriver. Maybe even pack in a headlamp in case something breaks at night.

Then there are the odds and ends like a battery pack for your electronics, second pair of gloves in case your first pair get wet somehow, and of course cash because some places won’t accept card.

These are just a few suggestions of things you may need to pack. Let us know what’s on your road-trip checklist below!
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