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Wink False neutrals

Aside from it being klunkier than any Harley I have ridden, whats with the transmission? Are all ducks like this?

I usually only get a false neutral between 1st and 2nd, but I got one between 4 and 3 the other day.

Wasn't sure immediately what was going on so I grabbed the clutch and coasted into the middle lane of a busy highway. not sure why, but the engine died just to give any texting-and-driving vehicles a target. So, there I was for a second, dead in the middle of a busy highway wondering what was going on.

It started right up, put it in gear and went about my business, but... in 25 years of riding, never dealt with so many false neutrals. I really cant just casually baby it through the gears. You have to smack her like she's your *****

Anyone else have similar experience?
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It's sometimes hard for me to put it in neutral when I park it in first. Let me rephrase that: The bike is in neutral, but the gear indicator is in 1 or 2, and I can't start without pulling the clutch. That's sometimes tricky because you need to give just the right amount of gas when hitting the starter button, and operating that button and the throttle delicately with the same hand isn't easy, especially during cooler temperatures.

I've had no problems with shifting while moving.
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I’ve found that the gear box takes some time to break in. I’ve got 14k miles on mine and it can still get sticky when not warmed up. After it’s warmed up though, not a problem. Gotta get on the throttle, get the revs up then shift like you mean it.

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i had neutral mostly down shift from 6 to 5 even shown 5 th gear on screen.
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I've had the same issue. A little over 1300 km on it now and the first service done and its getting less frequent. Gear changes definitely have to be a clear conscious decision, no lazy shifting.
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