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"Oh Sh*t!" - A Public Service Announcement

So I took the wife for a little ride today, on a scenic country route brimming with twists turns, about 90min long. For some reason, my mind put me on the wrong location (farther down) on the road, so I got surprised by the one 25mph left turn I need to pay attention to. By the time I recognized it, I had already begun to lean...so it was "Go big or go home!"

My rear tires had about 1cm of "chicken strip" (as the sports bike people say - my first bike was a Ninja 300) on both sides, with just a few blemishes in them. There is now no more chicken strip on the left, but I/we made it through!! What's more, when I asked my wife if she noticed the "pucker moment" of the ride, she was unable to identify it.

- A seriously awesome bike with solid tires
- Keith Code, "A Twist of the Wrist" (I didn't target fixate, and I gently rolled on the throttle throughout the turn, risking a lowside maybe over running off the road for sure)
- My wife, who followed instructions (Pretend you are luggage and look over the shoulder we are turning to!)
- No debris
- My chicken strips - which I kept with my riding style thus far for exactly this moment

Let that be a lesson to you, kids!
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Chicken strips lol
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lol I can already tell that follow up's to riding feedback like this from you will be worth listening to.

Keep us posted.
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Better to low side than go flying and I've had target fixation problems before too, luckily nothing major ever really happened. The multistrada isn't really a bike that you scrub off chicken strips with, yours is probably gonna be the few without any chicken strips at all.
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You performed perfectly under stress and with quick thinking, avoided what could have been an accident. Sometimes people can freeze up or target fixate in these situations.

Good on your wife too, for being an ideal passenger. I'm not a fan of a second rider, so the rear pegs are usually taken off and lost to the depths of the garage.
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Hi, I'm feerlees driver, so my chicken stripes are gone in the tarmac, the pirelli scorpions trail 2 is a good tire, and give confidence to lean, when the tarmac is a fine tarmac as well.
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talking about Keith Codes book, those of you who can afford to do his california super bike school 2 day camp should! I've been ridding for 33 years. I consider myself an excellent rider, but having read his books over the years, recently decided to do his camp. Best investment in my safety ever! So good that i am doing level 3&4 next month. Its by far the best course i've ever done..
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I have been in similar situations over the years, Keith Code's book has at the very least saved my bacon, possibly my life. The salesman I purchased my first bike from insisted I pick it up.

Everyone with a bike should own it.
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