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Speaking from a 6-month, 4000-miles vantage point:

Objectively, all the functions that the bike is supposed to perform, it does, so there is build quality thus far. It balances nicely underneath me, which helps on muddy dirt roads. The front is steady and it likes to keep its line in turns, which helps on tarmac. I don't ride the bike at its limits, but the one time I had to (came too hot into a rather tight turn), it did not let me down and saved my ass. Yes, even if you think you'll kiss pavement, she can probably lean a bit more...

Subjectively, it's the bike that's optimally adjusted to the surfaces I need to ride it on. More fun on the road than a trail-ready bike, more confidence inspiring off-tarmac than a sport bike, with wheels and suspension that protect your kidneys from potholes and frost heaves. I also like the upright seating position, and whenever I see a rider with a gorgeous sport bike riding with one hand to stretch out his back a little, I am reminded I made the right choice.

I don't use it for "touring" - I have neither the time nor the desire to go on a long-distance motorcycle trip. On the flip side, most of those 4000 miles are "just for fun" miles, not commuting or using motorized transport to go from A to B, so yes, it's a fun bike that I find worthy to be ridden "just because".
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