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Originally Posted by aksdman View Post
@Yukon42 : I've been looking at the Kappa Aluminum Panniers as well. Can I ask a favor and have you post a pic of your set-up please?

Thanks bro!
You will find that if you remove the two hex head bolts attaching the upper mount attached to the rack, there will be two tubes where those bolts went through the racks upper tube. The Kappa panniers matched up perfect on the lower rack mounts so nothing needs to be done for those. I had to remove Kappa upper mounting pins that were captive and then sand down two small raised plastic points so there was a flat surface to lay the large fender washers flat against the inside of the panniers when I bolted them up. It was a very simple mod to do and if you look at the attached photos, you can see how simple it was. I placed some thick rubber washers under the fender washers to mitigate vibration (just something I usually do and probably not really needed). I also bent two fender washers to form saddles over the rack tubes under the nuts that you can see in the photos; again, probably not needed, just wanted to add a bit of extra metal there. Prior to drilling the holes in the panniers for the bolts I placed the panniers on the floor on their side. Then I took the rack and put it on the bottom mounts of the pannier. I held the rack in place making sure those bottom mounts were all the way in and then ran a drill through the tubes in the upper portion of the rack into the pannier. This insured a perfectly placed mounting hole that matched up when a bolt was inserted. Hope this helps.
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